Samskara (ongoing project)

Samskara is an indian word, it can be transleated as "Thing", but it means "event", or "action, an act", and in a second meaning " thing, existing thing". Buddhists conceive objects as changing things, that always move in something else, thing as events, not as eternal objects.This work is a reflection about this concept. We often collect objects, looking for eternity, jewels, money, precious things, we look for our eternity in them.

An imaginary bestiary

The project has been realised for Triangolo Scaleno Teatro in 2015. The idea is to photographically reproduce ancient and modern representations of animals and mix them, to create a fantastic representation of them

On Gods' Knees

The project traces the Odyssey of Ulysses through the Mare Nostrum.
Odysseus  is the symbol of those who experiment,
research, amaze and amaze, of those who go to discover the reason for things and the reasons for what he feels or encounters. Ulysses is also the hero and the demigod who, through a long journey and a series of stages
obliged, it reconstitutes and recognizes parts of itself. These stagesare fixed and evoked in a series of black and white shots.


Girotondo is a series of medium-format color photographs taken in 2006 by Eva Tomei. The series is characterized by a candid and almost childish gaze, focused on a world of games made of promises, dreams, simple pleasures. An Eden from which we flee believing that adulthood promises us truer, more lasting, purer joys. The atmospheres, lights and colors are in fact chosen to precisely evoke this sense of withering, fading, sunset of dreams.

  • Girotondo

Dalla parte di Marcel

Dalla parte di Marcel is a collection of photographs that Eva Tomei dedicates to Proust, to his places and above all to the way in which Marcel gave meaning (but it would be better to say discovered) to what he saw and felt: a truly photographic way. The device of photography, in fact, seems to be internal to Proust's mental relationships, to the "circular odyssey of his thought", according to Peter Collier, which leads the writer to recompose his fragmentary self in a mosaic of superimposed sensations.
Photography is the technological art that reveals and complicates this mechanism, bringing to light the relationships between things and, at the same time, hiding others.