Eva Tomei was born in Rome in 1976, graduated from the Roman School of Photography and from the Rossellini Institute. She collaborated with the Prospekt agency and then with the Camera21 association. Eva has exhibited in numerous national and international festivals, in collective, personal and trade fairs throughout Italy and abroad. Her work is part
of a collection of young authors of the MIbact. Currently
is part of the LUZ agency and is represented in
Rome from the Gallerati Gallery.

My works are mostly made up of long-term projects, photographic series, starting from literary stories or essays, texts in which I identify myself or which stimulate my reflection on reality. I use photography as a medium for representing the individual, his relationship with the community and with time.
My love for our cultural and mythological origins, of which our thinking is inevitably a child, fascinates me, I try to tell our different approaches to death and therefore to life, the environment, the other.