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  • Girotondo.




    The Girotondo series portrays with a naïve, almost childish gaze a Paradise made up of games, promises, dreams and simple pleasures. The moods, the lights and the colors evoke a sense of dreams withering, fading and slowly vanishing.
This series is delicately melancholy yet joyful, animated as it is by the gaze of a child, a child mesmerized by the colors, movement, sounds,  daring sensations and fantastic views. Instead, the cultivated eye of the photographer is responsible for the elegant layout by placing a vertical axis slightly off center and curving an excessively ordered straight line to create a coherent and moving sequence. The same thing happens with the isolated twilight ambience and with the pale intensely poetic light, all choices that stem from a Seeing/Wanting, inherent to photography, that presents the image not only as an evocation of experience but as a symbol of thought.
It also happens that the title of the recent series Dalla parte di Marcel is even a clue to put us on the scent of an idea. As spectators in a labyrinth of clues Eva Tomei challenges us in a recherche of Recherche, with a work that circumnavigates Proust’s world without the tiresome quotations. Today Proustian places/non-places have become fatally un-Proust through history and they are now mainly initiators for solicitations and evocations.
In the meantime, by hiding knowingly behind the game or behind literary auctoritas this contemporary author clearly demonstrates her own creative coordinates by giving us these two parallel orientations of meaning: the poetic one of the treated subject and the critical one of a language which articulates.

    Augusto Pieroni


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